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Governmental Risk Management Advisors (GRMA) is a truly independent insurance agency whose sole purpose is to assist all types of public entities including cities, counties, school systems, utilities, and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for your areas of risk management.

GRMA is staffed with multiple licensed insurance agents with over 40 years of experience in health, government, and non-profit who are committed to serving the special needs of public entities. Please feel free to contact us with questions and concerns about your property, liability, workers’ compensation, or health insurance coverage. We are here to help.


We do all of our clients’ application work. We’ve seen these apps before; they can be intimidating and difficult. We will fill out your applications and work closely with your staff and your insurance company to make sure they are accurate. Are the correct properties listed? Are the correct values listed? What about the correct vehicles? What needs to be deleted or added? You don’t need to worry about it. We will be certain to cover all of these issues and more for you, yearly.


Our staff will file your claims for you. It’s sometimes very seldom that a claim will need to be filed at all, so remembering how to file and keep up with the timing of the process can be difficult. We will take this step off of your plate. We will file your claim and follow up with the claims adjustor to make sure it is taken care of appropriately.


In conjunction with your yearly loss control evaluation, we will review and make recommendations based on your 3-year and 5-year claims history. Our goal would be to help you lower your premium, or at least achieve the best available premium for your organization.


We will also offer training recommendations specific to your operation and work with your underwriter to ensure they have a clear picture of your operation. This can be very helpful when trying to establish your premium.

We want to be your risk management partner. We have the knowledge and experience needed to make the insurance process easier and more efficient for your entity. Many times, these duties fall to the Mayor, City Manager, or finance officer. With us as your risk management partner, you can benefit from an exceptional level of personal service while freeing up time for those employees to do more important work for your entity.

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